No Substitute for Self-Reliance

Self Reliance is a strong belief that you are capable of successfully dealing with the challenges life throws at you, taking your guidance from yourself, rather than other people or other things.

Self reliance also means having the ability and courage to listen to yourself, and act by yourself rather than letting other people, things or events decide what you should be, do or have.

We all need help from time to time, but the bottom line is: we can’t rely on others to give us the triumph of success. Want to achieve your dreams? The ball’s in your court and no one else’s.

A self reliant person therefore realizes and accepts that they are completely responsible for their life and that if they want something done, they must do it themselves.

When a person is able to ‘LISTEN’ to themselves and follow their own intuition, only then will they be able to trust themselves and steer their life in the direction they want it to go.


If self reliance means a strong belief  in your own ability to achieve success and happiness in life, then dependency is an absence of such belief.

A person who is dependant looks first to the people and things outside of them for guidance, rather than listening to and guiding themselves.

By doing so, a dependent person automatically gives control of their life to other people, things and events. As in the dependent persons mind, these external influences are to a large degree responsible for what they think, say and do.

Lean on me

One of the most obvious signs of dependency can be seen in people who continually look up to others, and see them as being superior and/or more powerful than they are.

In some cases, this dependency can become so deeply ingrained within a personality that all personal power is given up in favor of another person.

When this occurs the dependent person will only feel secure by “clinging” onto that person

We All Need A Little Help Sometimes

Getting help from other people is not necessarily a bad thing, as everyone needs a little help sometimes. The trouble is, some people become so dependent on receiving help from others, that they forget how to help themselves.

As a result of this dependency, the advice they get from others is often interpreted as a command, as something they must or must not do.

Is It Really Good Advice Your Getting?

Depending on advice from others is only part of the problem, the real danger lies in the type of advice that is given, and your reaction to it.

Of course there will be times when people are able to offer you helpful advice, however more often than not, people are so wrapped up in their own problems they are unable to fully understand your unique situation.

As a result of this lack of understanding, the advice you get may not always be relevant to your situation, or in some cases, may be totally incorrect.

Do You Want To Be A Puppet All Your Life?

Total dependency can only lead to total enslavement because it gives others the power to control your actions, just like a puppet’s actions are controlled by a puppeteer.

The only way the puppet can ever be free is by cutting the strings of dependency that support him, and learning to stand on his own two feet.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.

Self-reliance involves setting goals for what we want, a practice of lifelong learning, and taking opportunities as they present themselves. To do otherwise might reflect a wonderful ideal, but it does not allow for true peace nor the triumph of principles.

We all need a hand up from time to time, and some more than others. But we can’t rely on others to give us the triumph of success.



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