Humor in Conversation

A touch of humor has saved many a tense situation and has brought sparkle to many a conversation that was dull and lifeless. Remember that nearly everything has its humorous side. When a conversation needs a little humor, be prepared to supply it. This doesn’t mean that you should try to be funny. Successful humor is spontaneous and suited to the occasion and the group.

There is no automatic or magical formula for impressing someone with your sense of humor. Most things in life don’t come automatically or easily. If you want to impress someone with your physical fitness, you’d never expect to find a tip to tone up your body overnight. So it is with a sense of humor. What you got is what you got. Your ability to use humor in conversations is not going to change overnight. But you can work to improve it. As in toning up the body, a good sense of humor is developed with exercise. I’ve often recommended that people stimulate their humor muscles by entering humor-writing contests and cartoon-caption contests.

For starters, you’re more likely to meet fun people if you have the reputation as someone with a great sense of humor. You’ll find yourself mixing with fun people and being introduced to fun people. Most people don’t have an interest in introducing sour-puss friends to other people.

The reality is that most of us have a sense of humor which is pretty good, in the right circumstances, with the right people. And yet, most of us have room for growth in the area of humor. A sense of humor grows as you use it.

  • Know your conversation partner
  • Know yourself
  • Be aware of the environment
  • Be a listener
  • Poke fun at yourself
  • Don’t try too hard to be funny
  • Be a story teller
  • Keep your humor positive
  • Keep it clean
  • Learn by doing



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