“Communication works for those who work at it”

Effective communication skills are very important for a person to succeed in his or her career. Be it a job or a business, a person has to communicate with other people either, verbally or non-verbally, to get the work done or to attain the desired goals. Ineffective business communication can pose many conflicts and problems,. Miscommunication leads to lack of information, misunderstanding, and doubts that further result in decreased creativity and productivity. Hence it is necessary for a company to establish good communication channels.

A few essential tips to communicate effectively will help ease your way.

  • Simplicity

Use simple language while communicating. Speak to express, not to impress. Using a lot of quotations and wisdom from the literary pundits of yester-years may impress the girl or guy next door, but may not necessarily carry across your message. Avoid using slang while conversing, as people might not be familiar with the terms.

  • Brevity

Some of us, have an eye for detail and while conversing with people, we tend to describe things concisely n accurately. This can lead to boring conversation and soon you will realize that you are losing your audience. Try to keep your conversation crisp & short, but making sure your message is understood by your audience.

  • Pauses/ Breaks while conversing

Pause and take breathes in between your sentences. A few seconds pause between sentences will let your words sink in the audience and also give you time yo collect your thoughts.

  • Slow and Steady

Speaking slowly is one of the simplest ways to be heard. Speaking slowly helps us to not check ourselves against hastily spoken words, but also to assess the situation and emotionally calm ourselves down before saying something we may regret.

  • Questions

By asking questions, you not only make sure that the person you are speaking to is in the same line of thought as you are, but is also a non-intimidating subtle opening to correct any wrong ideas that you may have given out.

  • Listen and Hear

Listening and hearing are really two different things. Listen to people when they talk and express their views. By listening, one means listening without interrupting. Everyone can hear what others are saying, but listening entails paying attention and understanding what the other person is saying rather than just hearing the sound of their voice. Do not tune out if you disagree. Try to keep an open mind while listening. There is no easier way of communicating effectively than to hear the other person out.

  • Communicating with ‘Difficult’ people

We all have our ‘off’ days. Keeping this in mind, try to be open to the possibility that not all words spoken by the other person might be a result of pure logical thinking. Our emotions can play havoc with our thought process. Try to handle people with a little understanding while speaking- this will help you communicate effectively. Any one going through a distressing break up or job loss will be prone to a different thought pattern. The sooner you learn to be sensitive to this, the easier it will be to speak to them appropriately.

  • Respect

Communication means exchanging ideas and for two or more people to exchange ideas, it’s imperative that you respect the boundaries of the other person. You may not agree with a person’s viewpoint, and they may not agree with yours and this is where effective communication really kicks in. When you respect the person’s views as their own individual idea, then you can part with them in cordial disagreement. Simple phrases like “I don’t really agree with that, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion” or the more candid “Let’s just agree to disagree on this” will help you go a long way in maintaining effective communication.

  • Miss Manners

There is nothing more irritating than being rudely interrupted while speaking. Treat people with the same courtesy that you would like others to bestow upon you. Nothing commands respect better than manners. Do not interrupt while others are speaking. Give them the time to express their ideas.

  • Body Language and Tone

This is quite an overlooked factor while communicating with people. Maintain eye contact while talking as this promotes confidence and trust. A smile is the easiest and most effective ice breaker and communicator. Your posture and your level of confidence while addressing people play a very important role in effective expression. Though be warned, there is a difference between healthy confidence and a pompous know-it-all attitude.

Communication really begins when you can put into words the inner cry of your primate self and carry it across to the soul of another. It’s not really about talking successfully; real communication is talking to others successfully.



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