Ways to Improve Your English

A lot of people have a problem with either writing or with speaking in English. Since, the demand for English is increasing day by day, its has become a basic requirement for any job. Here are some quick ways, by which you can improve your spokenn English.

  • Listen to spoken English as often as possible. Listen to how speakers pronounce various words and phrases and “model” your pronunciation on what you hear.
  • Read Newspaper & Watch News: Many readers would be wondering why I have said this. Reading English newspaper really helps you to enhance your vocabulary and sentence making which would be very fruitful for you while speaking. You must mark 5 difficult words daily and see the meaning of those words in dictionary to learn vocabulary. By watching news channel you can adopt the style, confidence and body language of newsreaders. You can also enhance your general knowledge which is also important with News Papers and News Channels.
  • Imagination: You must start imagining everything in English. While traveling or sitting alone you can imagine. Imagining everything in English will help you create English atmosphere in your mind.
  • Have Discussions & Debates: Start having discussions and debates on good topics with your friends or relatives today. It will fill a new energy in you and make you feel good. Good friends and relatives will always help you speak impressive and correct English.
  • Be Confident & Determined: If you really want to speak Good English you must be confident and determined to learn it. Many people lose hope of learning English soon but you should never do this just keep pumping yourself that youwill be perfect in English one day. To build confidence in you, you must talk to yourself in front of the mirror in English, call to customer services, write articles, have discussions and pray to God for giving you the powers to learn impressive English.
  • Speak clearly and loudly, so that others can understand you.
  • Speak in front of mirror to remove hesitation of speaking in English.
  • Think in English. A lot of people try to translate hindi lines to English.



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