Improving Spoken English

English is considered one of most well-used language in the world. Ranking third most widely-spoken native language after Mandarin and Spanish, English is considered as the second language of most countries.

Having good spoken English gives one the advantage to go global. Improved spoken and written English grammar open doors to numerous possibilities especially in the workforce. Industries like outsourcing, the entertainment particularly in film, music and books, information technology, law and finance all require good spoken English as these require excellent interpersonal communication. Usage of proper grammar ensures proper communication and good form of communication gets your message across better.

People with improved English skills are more confident in conversing with others regardless of their stature. Good conversational English makes you feel relaxed and happy. It helps you convey your ideas and thoughts to more people. You earn respect when you speak good English. People are nevertheless amazed with those people who have a good grasp in spoken and written English.

  • Read all the English Materials that you can get your hands on.

There are a variety of English materials available to you. There are books and downloadable items on English for beginners readily found online. Take English classes if you must and gain friends who are also learning how to improve spoken English as well.

  • Use the language more often

Take every opportunity you can to talk to people using the language. Knowing the correct meaning of each English word in the vocabulary adds our desire to use it more. Try to speak English to anyone and urge them to respond to you in same language. Learning the English accent is fun especially if you’re in the company of your friends.

  • Make an effort to learn the English Grammar

Having the proper dictions and pronunciation may sound great for some but misuse of the English grammar can be a huge turn-off. There are online courses to teach you how to use the English grammar properly. Nothing beats flawless English conversations between friends!

  • Watch the television, listen to English music and start singing!

Some people learn their English accent through the television. Watch American television shows which depict typical English conversations and keep your ears peeled for their accent. Watch news and movies in English if you have the time. You can also start grooving and listening to English music. Start listening and singing pop music as it offers simpler use of words that is easier to understand. Singing helps you mimic the diction and it is good for your memory. It helps if you record yourself so you can pinpoint your mistakes along the way.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask and commit mistakes

Learning English is never easy. Get over your fear of making mistakes in the pronunciation and usage. Don’t be afraid to ask help on correct English word pronunciations.

It may get a bit frustrating at first but learning how to improve spoken English is one of the best things you can do to gain your self-confidence and improve your over-all personality.


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